Sacramento Trans Youth

Sacramento Trans Youth is a peer support group for young people in their teens through early twenties who identify as gender variant, transgender, or gender questioning.

We encourage members to attend PFLAG/TransFamilies Sacramento support meetings.

Community Activity:

Sacramento Trans Youth exists in response to our desire for community and support. Here are various social and support activities that are now ongoing:

A. On the individual and small group level.

    1. Members are communicating with each other individually and in small groups through e-mail, instant messenger and telephone.

    2. Members are meeting each other in person to develop friendships, peer support, and to discuss mutual issues.

B. On the community level.

    1. Members are communicating with the group via message posts.

    2. Members arrange group activities from time to time.

Currently, more is happening on the individual and small group level, but all are integral components of our group activity. The on-line interactions are especially important for our members who lack transportation or who lack support in their household.

We encourage members to e-mail each other, to add each other's Yahoo ID's to their instant messenger list and invite them to conference when on-line. Meet other members when the opportunities arise. Contribute your ideas and offer help as you can. Participate and enjoy being part of our growing community.


Interested youths are directed to the sacTyouth on-line group as a contact point.

Our Logo

Our logo is comprised of a rainbow-colored umbrella over the letters "STY". The beautiful rainbow colors signify our diversity. The rainbow is also the symbol of the LGBT community to which we belong. The umbrella over the letters "STY" signifies the safety that we provide for our trans youth.

Our beginnings:

February 2004. An announcement about our organization was sent to LGBT school and college organizations and GSAs in the Greater Sacramento area. Informational brochures were provided to Sacramento PFLAG, Sacramento GLSEN, the Sacramento Lambda Community Center, the Sacramento Gender Association, the River City MCC Transgender Support Group, UC Davis LGBT Resource Center and helping professionals in the Sacramento area.

2/13/04. At their meeting, the leaders and members of the Lambda Center LGBT Youth group listened to our presentation and expressed their support for the trans youth peer support group.

3/10/04. At its meeting, Sacramento GLSEN gave its enthusiastic support for the group. They are promoting us to local schools and other organizations through their newsletter.

3/17/04. We met with the Director of the UC Davis LGBT Resource Center to discuss ways to promote our group. Several people there have expressed an interest in our trans youth support group.

3/18/04. This Sacramento Trans Youth web page went on-line.

3/22/04. Sacramento Tri-Ess offered its support for the youth group.

3/23/04. The sacTyouth on-line group was established as a contact point in response to the increasing number of inquiries from interested youths.

3/31/04. The Lambda Community Center assured us of its availability for our meetings.

4/18/04. We presented Sacramento Trans Youth at the seminar on transgenderism at the LGBT Leadership Forum at UC Davis.

6/30/05. We participated in a transgender youth presentation at a Gender education workshop given at Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer.

8/16/05. We participated in a discussion panel on transgender youth at the monthly meeting of the Sacramento PFLAG chapter.

Contact information:

For further information and to offer your suggestions and assistance:

Download our brochure here

or visit our Online Discussion Group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sacTyouth/