Gender Education Workshops

Time: Thursday nights at 7:00 pm

Place: Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer

4641 Marconi Ave, Sacramento CA

(916) 483-5691 office

Meeting our Neighbors- Trans/Genderqueer/Bisexual/Queer/Intersex Voices

Series of 5 Events on Gender and Sexuality Diversity in the Church

May 5, Thursday, 7 pm in Classroom 1- Where’s the Neighborhood?

What is Gender Identity? What is Queer Identity/Community? Active and interactive learning opportunities to help you map out the gender neighborhood.

May 19, Thursday, 7pm, Classroom 1- Next door: Bisexual and Queer Voices

Just when you thought you were understanding your gay and lesbian family members, then you started hearing about bisexuals next door! And then the neighborhood kids started to describe themselves as Queer- what’s that about?

Coming In June

6/2 Neighbors who pass you everyday- Transsexual/Transmen/Transwomen Experiences

What does it mean to “go stealth?” Why is being able to access medical treatment so important, and how do socioeconomic factors impact transition?

6/16 Neighbors through the alley: Genderqueer, cross-dresser, drag, androgynous, and intersex experiences

Come to the neighborhood and play kickball with your gender expectations as you hear from voices from other dimensions of the gender continuum.

6/30 Neighborhood block party: Gender and Sexual Diversity in the Church

Where are these voices in the church? And what about our neighbors with other marginalized experiences also- like transpeople with disabilities or homeless genderqueer people? Come celebrate the diversity of gender and sexual identities!